Video Active presents a vast collection of television programmes and stills from audiovisual archives across Europe. It also provides articles and comparative analysis on European TV history. Video Active makes available resources to explore the development of television in Europe, but also the televising of cultural and historical events within and across nations.
The French Pr...
During his short visit to Greece, Jacques Chiraq had an unofficial meeting with K. Karamanlis at his residence, where th...
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Journal Interview
Journal Interview
Εαρινή Σύνοδος Μικτής Κοινοβουλευτικής Επιτ...
Summer Summit of the Mixed Parliamentary Co...
Panorama - Swedish nuclear defence
(Panorama - Swedish nuclear defence)
Flamenco, möte med spanska zigenare
(Flamenco: An Encounter...)
Fredens hav
(The Sea of Peace)